Thailand and Universal Health Coverage (UHC)

Thailand has committed to providing and further developing its Universal Health Coverage (UHC). This has proven to be a key factor contributing
to Thailand’s success in curbing the COVID-19 pandemic and in ensuring the right to the highest attainable standard of health for all citizens.

While challenges persist and require cooperation of all stakeholders to address, Thailand stands ready to exchange its experience on UHC with all countries and stakeholders in order to continue to strengthen Thailand’s UHC scheme and to develop it into an even more effective system.

Thailand together with WHO, youth, civil society, and international partners commemorates the International Universal Health Coverage (UHC)
Day 2021

COVID-19 Health Related Services
General Population.

Free COVID-19 vaccination.

Health Facilities Provincial Public Health Office NHSO Regional Offices will provide COVID-19 vaccine to Thai citizens.

At Risk of exposure or PUI.

Free COVID-19 screening and testing (RT-PCR/ATK).

Not Detected

Isolation/Quarantine for 14-day at home or health facilities.

After 14-day Isolation/quarantine re-test for “Free”.


refer to public or private hospital, hospitel, or field hospital.

COVID-19 Patients.

COVID-19 patients will receive free treatment in both public and private health facilities.

The government will pay for medical cost.

Public hosp. payment system based on DRGs +.

Medical and protective equipment cost+.

Medication cost +.

Lab test and specimen collection cost.

Private hospital can reimburse every items (16 categories).

Suffer from COVID-19 Vaccine.

Preliminary financial compensation.

Thais who suffer from adverse Reaction of COVID-19 vaccination will apply the defendant to Regional Sub-committee to consider for the Financial Compensation.

It will be paid within 5 working days.

COVID-19 Budget Managed by NHSO
Health Related Services

Infection control and prevention service fee.

COVID-19 vaccination service fee (for Thai/dose).

Patient treatment fee.

Immune Thrombotic Thrombocytopenia (VITT) diagnosis and treatment service fee.

Healthcare cost for patient who has adverse event from vaccination.

The components of effective budget management
The components of effective budget management

Smart Authentication.

Application Programming Interface (API, Standard Dataset).

Dashboard for Monitoring and Evaluation.

Claim and Audit (pre/post).

Consumer protection through 1330 contact center.

Impact & Lesson learnt
The components of effective budget management

Integrate payment for public health actions and treatment.

New normal services and management.

Maximize use of digital innovation, telemedicine.

Civil Society Organization (CSO) participation.

Proactive 1330 Contact center.

Future Challenges
Future Challenges

COVID-19 budget should not crowd out UCS budget.

Standard operating procedure on financing pandemic and effective public financial management.

Data linkage across 3 schemes and different agencies both health and non-health organization for effective management.

Other services

Influenza Vaccine.

Capitation payment (for unemployed).

Preliminary financial compensation for disabled.

Preliminary Financial Compensation for people who has an adverse event from vaccine.

Community Health Fund to fight COVID-19

Community Health Fund (CHF) is matching Fund by NHSO and Local Government to promote.

COVID-19 Public health awareness.

COVID-19 Prevention and Promotion ie. buying mask or alcohol to the community members especially for vulnerable group.

The Development Cooperation Programme between Thailand and Kenya on Universal Health Coverage – UHC

Thailand is currently implementing the Development Cooperation Programme on the Development of Universal Health Coverage (UHC) System between Thailand
and Kenya. The project started in 2019 with the main objective to transfer Thailand’s experiences in developing UHC and the health care system for all and provide technical assistance to Kenya to develop her own UHC system.

Activities under this project include study visits of executives and experts from the Kenyan Ministry of Public Health to Thailand and postgraduate scholarships for key officials from Kenyan Ministry of Public Health to undertake the two-year Master’s Degree on Health Technology Assessment (HTA) at the Faculty of Pharmacy, Mahidol University, Thailand.

Currently, we are honoured to have Ms. Patricia Nyokabi, Senior Pharmacist from Othaya National Teaching and Referral Hospital, Ministry of Public Health and Ms.Tabitha Okech, Sub-Country Medical Officer of Health, Ministry of Public Health, undertaking the programme.

Ms.Patricia Nyokabi

Current Position
Senior Pharmacist (Othaya National Teaching and Referral Hospital,Ministry Of Health)

Ms.Tabitha Okech

Current Position
(Sub-Country Medical Officer of Health, Ministry of Health)